Boveda Maintenance Free: Boveda Packs require no activation or refilling. They are very easy to use; just place the pack in your container and Boveda goes to work.
Multiple RH Levels: Boveda brand humidipaks come in a variety of different humidity or "RH" levels. Simply select your RH preference when you add packs to your cart.
Boveda Humidity Packs: We offer Boveda Packs and other Humidity products for retail and wholesale purchase. Free fast, reliable shipping on qualified orders!

We Now Carry BOOST! Boost humidity packs have exploded on the scene, with cutting edge humidity technology and mold resistant packaging.

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We value your business and encourage your reviews and comments about Boveda or your shopping experience, thank you. Buy Boveda humidity products and supplies directly from the wholesale supplier and receive huge savings. Browse our Boveda pack categories below:
BOVEDA four gram packs
Boveda four gram packets are available in a variety of humidity levels and are also perfect for roughly 7-14 grams of product. Click here to shop 4 gram boveda packs!
BOVEDA eight gram packs
Boveda packs mediums, which are ideal for 14-28 grams of product and also come in many humidity levels and sizes to meet your needs.
BOVEDA sixty gram packs
Boveda BIG packs for wholesale or commercial use. Boveda 60g Packs work best with 112-450 grams and are extremely effective at this size.
BOVEDA supplies
Boveda and humidity control supplies. We carry a wide range of tools and gadgets

Welcome to Humidity! We provide the very best in Boveda humidity control products and packages. Boveda packets are becoming well known around the world for their easy to use technology, accurate humidity control and portability. Whether you need Boveda packs for personal use or bulk, you have found the right place. Get Boveda in a variety of humidity control percentages at discounted prices.
Boveda for Small Jobs
Boveda four gram packets are perfect for personal use. Throw one in your nug jug, cigar box or case and witness the remarkable technology of Boveda. It is 100% safe to touch your herbs or tabacco and your product stays fresher for extremely longer periods of time. Try Boveda and see what you have been missing.
Mid-Sive Boveda
Boveda eight gram packs work great for storage containers and large medicine jars. Use Boveda mid sized paks in larger containers and mason jars to keep your product fresh for extented periods of time. Buying in bulk and storing your tabacco or herbs in an air tight container with a Boveda packet inside, will allow you to buy more and save more. Buy more, but still keep your product as fresh as the day you bought it makes sense. Click here to buy medium Boveda
Commercial Use Boveda
Large sixty gram Boveda humidity packets are excellent for commercial storage and use.Toss a Boveda humipak into your turkey bags, vac seal bags or large air tight container and watch the magic happen! If your product is already too dry, sprinkle very little (less is more) water against the sides of your container, throw in a large Boveda package and leave your tobacco and / or herbs tightly sealed over night... In the morning your tobacco and / or herbs will be re-osmosed and at the perfect humidity for sale or smoke. Click here to buy large Boveda bags
Humidity Control Supplies
We carry a large selection of oxygen absorbers, calibration kits, cedar cases for boveda storage and many other humidity control products and accessories. Please feel free to visit our supplies and / or oxygen absorbers section for more details.