Boveda Maintenance Free: Boveda Packs require no activation or refilling. They are very easy to use; just place the pack in your container and Boveda goes to work.
Multiple RH Levels: Boveda brand humidipaks come in a variety of different humidity or "RH" levels. Simply select your RH preference when you add packs to your cart.
Boveda Humidity Packs: We offer Boveda Packs and other Humidity products for retail and wholesale purchase. Free fast, reliable shipping on qualified orders!

How Does Boveda Work? Watch this brief video about the science behind Boveda! Learn how Boveda Humidity Packs are accurate within +/- 1% of the RH level printed on the packet.

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We value your business and encourage your reviews and comments about Boveda or your shopping experience, thank you. Buy Boveda humidity products and supplies directly from the wholesale supplier and receive huge savings. Browse our Boveda pack categories below:
BOVEDA four gram packs
Boveda four gram packets are available in a variety of humidity levels and are also perfect for roughly 7-14 grams of product.
BOVEDA eight gram packs
Boveda packs mediums, which are ideal for 14-28 grams of product and also come in many humidity levels and sizes to meet your needs.
BOVEDA sixty gram packs
Boveda BIG packs for wholesale or commercial use. Boveda 60g Packs work best with 112-450 grams and are extremely effective at this size.
BOVEDA supplies
Boveda and humidity control supplies. We carry a wide range of tools and gadgets

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