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Cargo Dry Plus Moisture Absorber
Cargo Dry Plus Moisture Absorber

Cargo Dry Plus Moisture Absorber 6/Box

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Feature: 6 per box

Protects against condensation damage in long distance railroad or cargo shipments.
Calcium chloride traps up to 150% of its weight in moisture. ISO 9001 certified.
Long desiccant bag with plastic top hook for easy hanging inside containers.
Extends your reach without stools or stepladders.

Cargo Dry has many advantages:
1. Ship goods without the threat of “Container Rain”
2. Inhibits the formation of mold, mildew, rust and corrosion
3. Absorbs up to 100% of its weights in moisture
4. Provides 50 days or more of moisture protection
5. Prevents weak cartons and loose labels caused by moisture
6. Environmentally safe and can be disposed of as normal waste
Cargo Dry Pack has many applications:
1. Ocean, truck, rail & shipping containers
2. Protection of textiles, leather goods, shows, furniture, food products, grains, feeds, MMJ, canned goods and bottled products
3. Protection of industrial products such as auto parts, machinery, metal products, paper and cardboard boxes
4. Ideal for boats & TV’s as well as long term storage applications.