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"Boveda really do work for herb. They keep my packs fresh for longer, and control the humidity inside the turkey bag. Be sure to try use a bag that "breathes", but not too much...I find it works better, and keeps things fresh. I recommend Boveda to anyone who buys medical bud in bulk or larger quantity and needs to keep it fresh"
Bradley - Los Angeles, CA

"Shipped on time and was delivered in 2 days. fastest shipping I have ever had. thanks guys!"
Ray - Los Angeles, CA

"Growers need BOVEDA! once your medicine is dry and trimmed, throw a couple boveda in your curing jar. Works like magic and also gives your med that "yummy" feel. introduce it into your curing process and see the results."
Austin - San Diego, CA

"My package was delivered to my old address and I needed the Boveda asap. Customer service was nice and sent the items fast delivery for free of charge. I was really impressed with the service."
Paul - Orange County, CA

"Impressive results... one Boveda pack in my nug jug lasts for months, and they are fairly cheap. Cool invention"
Jess - Escondido, CA

"I've been using the Boveda Humidity packs for over a month and my meds stay fresh for twice as long. It allows me to buy more to get a discount, and store it in without my stash getting dry. I live in the high desert area and seriously...Boveda is a life saver."
Farmer Joe - Location Unknown

"Packs work...i like. Thanks for the freebies"
Yousef M - San Diego, CA

"I had no idea what a 'humidpack' even was. A buddy of mine had one in his container and I asked about it one day. He swore by it and I ordered your product online. Boveda humidity packs are a no brainer...anyone that buys large quantities needs to at least try this. It works, it actually keeps your nug perfect for months...nice."
Glen - Los Angeles, CA

"REVELATION! Keep a small boveda pack in your cigarette box! try this it is awesome, keeps my cigs tasting fresh...not too proud to be so excited, but will quit soon :)"
Charles - Oceanside, CA

"Good customer service, great product"
Ryan - Escondido, CA