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Boost Humidity Packs 55% (4 gram) 200/Box
200 Piece Display Box Boost Humidity Packs

Boost Humidity Packs 55% (4 gram) 200/Box

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200 pcs
Part Number: 802359 000645
Feature: 200 packs
Feature: Boost Small 4 gram Packs
Use BOOST Small 4 gram humidity packs to adsorb or release moisture, regulating humidity at 55% inside any curing and storing containers. Small 4 gram packets are recommended for herbal weights of 7g to 14g.

Be Consistent & Efficient
Take the guessing game out of the process
Simply drop inside storage container, BOOST will keep it fresher longer.
Prevents Mold
Maintains the optimum humidity level.
Extends freshness
Preserves great tasting product.