Welcome to HumidityPacks.com, an authorized reseller of Boveda and other humidity products at retail and wholesale prices. What are Boveda Packs? Put simply, Boveda Packs are perfect for keeping tabacco, herbs and other humid sensitive products in prime condition. Boveda packs are very popular world wide due to their ease of use and effective results. Boveda packs come in a variety of sizes, there is a size to fit every request. We are proud to offer the complete line of packs and supplies. We offer Boveda in retail packs, bulk boxes and accessories. We value your business, and pride ourselves in our customer service.
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How does Boveda Work?

We at HumidityPacks.com carry Boveda Packs in a variety of RH levels and sizes. Boveda Packs work great, but not many people know how they work or the science behind Boveda technology. Click here to see what make Boveda Packs work --->

Need containers and or medical pop tops?

We at Aphecal Enterprises Inc. pride ourselves in providing the highest quality packaging products at the best possible price guaranteed. If you need specialty containers and or pop tops for your Boveda Packs, we highly recommend our sister website 420Packaging.com. Get all your packaging supplies for co-ops, dispensaries, and collectives. Choose from a wide range of containers, RX bags, and baggies, RX labeling and security seals and more. Wholesale sales are also welcome, and provide additional savings.